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My life story

When I was a kid I wanted to be a drummer, but my mum wouldn't let me have a kit. So I took a sideways step and at age 14 I took up the guitar instead. Within two weeks of buying my first guitar (an old Top Twenty made by Woolworths), I was in a band. From the on I was obsessed by music in all forms.

During these early years I spent a lot of time composing at home using four track tape machines and soon discovered that recorded sound offered so many sonic possibilties. It opened up a whole new palette to play with and so my second obsession began.

I spent a lot of time recording local bands as well as my own compositions before I decided to make the jump and turn audio engineering into a full time job. Knowing that I had to be able to use equipment I previously had no access to I decided the quickest way to get up to speed was to study at a university.

After leaving Uni I worked freelance before my business partner Sonny and I decided to set up our own place, and within a year Pinna Studios was open for business. Based in Old Street, London, the studio has allowed us to establish ourselves as engineer/producers and the studio itself quickly gained a reputation for it's great sound.

In January 2010 I moved on from Pinna and began working as a freelance producer/engineer again with a small mix room in East London.

I've worked with pretty much every genre imaginable, recording and mixing everything from opera to death metal. I've performed as a session player on several releases, worked on many TV show recording live sounds and also composed soundtracks for short films.

You can have a look at some of the people i've worked with on my Discography page. I'm more than happy to send out a showreel to anyone who is interested in working with me. On my Contact page you'll find everything you need to get hold of me.

The Fierce & The Dead

Matt Stevens